What is Beats Reloaded?

Allow us to introduce ourselves

My name is Brian Byrams and I am the creator of Beats Reloaded.  Beats Reloaded was created in response to a high demand for quality music & multi-media services for creatives. Beats Reloaded helps people and businesses tell their story and connect with their audience or potential viewers. We also wanted a way to empower musicians to sell their music on another platform, so music producers can submit their original music to be sold here. In the current landscape of social media, it’s hard to capture the attention of today’s audience for an extended period of time without attention-grabbing visuals and attention-keeping media. Breaking through the noise is difficult especially if you’re just starting. We’ve helped dozens of brands establish a base and move numbers quicker than if they did it on their own.

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Listed below is some of the work from our YouTube channel. Music and intense visuals were used to captivate audiences around the world. We currently have a total of over 16 million views with over 68 thousand subscribers and growing daily.

What Others Say About Us

Tex The Great

I’ve been able to work with Brian for a while now. I’m always impressed by his work ethic. Young man is very ambitious. He’s open minded when it comes to tailor making quality beats to your liking. I see a great musical future with B. Check out my EP at www.texthegreat.com to see some of the work he’s created for us. Currently we are working on my next solo project. And he’s great with digital media. It’s always a pleasure working him. I refer emcees to him all the time cause I know he wont disappoint. He can show you better than I can tell you!

Tex The GreatMusic ArtistTexthegreat.com
Sade Burrell

Honest, time sensitive and hard working professionals. These are words I would use to express my experience with working with Beats Reloaded. I was able to have my project completed with Beats Reloaded in a more than reasonable time frame. Each step of the way I was contacted and updated about the status of my project. Once the project was completed, I was in love with what was done! High quality work! Since the completion of the video, my site has received 3 times more views and likes than before.I look forward to working with Beats Reloaded. Thank you so much!

Sade BurrellPublic SpeakerSadeBurrell.com
Fil DUbz

I work on music everyday an night, so going to studios is regular occurrence for me. And mind you, most of my studio time is spent wasted on things that weren’t supposed to take place in the studio. I hit a studio session with B once… and that was all I needed to know this man’s got a passion for music, an ear for professionalism and he’s already been thru the grinder most of artists and producers have been through. At one point you need a break through involving a great sound an professional quality, and B know’s how to get you there. It was a pleasure sitting in on him during the session and hearing how he works.

Fil DUbzMusic Producer/Videographer
Dion Riccardo

Awesome motivation! Beats Reloaded always inspires! Interested in the First & Last Motivation Movement? Check out: https://secure.pagemodo.com/m/LYJIYS Be First & Last Today!

Dion RiccardoCEO of go4martialarts.com
Mduduzi Duzi

Got lot of scripts at home that are parked without beats, working with brian will definitely make the ends meet. Thanks

Mduduzi DuziIndependent Film Maker